St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

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General Rules in Effect at Both Services

*  Upon arrival, please maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet between groups. 

*  Everyone must wear a mask at all times (except when directed by Pastor for Communion).  

*  Stop at welcome desk, have temperature taken, answer questions, and confirm contact info for tracing. 

*  Receive hand sanitizer and Communion wafers in wax paper envelopes, follow all Greeter instructions. 

*  Singing and spoken response by worship leaders only (hum or whisper) pastor may stop songs to enforce. 

*  Peace may be shared verbally (softly) and/or by physical sign, such as the Peace sign form the 1960s. 

*  Holy Communion, bread only, to be consecrated, shared, without contact as directed by the Pastor. 

*  No physical contact, hugs, handshakes, etc. between different household groups. 

*  There is no collection during services, offering plates will be available. 

*  Rest rooms are open and will be sanitized after each use.  

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

309 Patchogue Road Port Jefferson NY 11776 USA


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(Updated 09.17.2020)